Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

Christmas with The Sjamsudin's

First of all, Merry Christmas to you all, who celebrate the joy of Christmas Eve last night and the bright Christmas today!

Last night, we're having Christmas'mass at Gereja Yohanes Penginjil Blok B, Jakarta Selatan. Some of you must be wondering, yea I mean its all of you who knew where Ibrahim's family was actually living. Yes, its quite afar from Pamulang. Since my mom in law got a free voucher to stay 1 night at Mulia Hotel Senayan, that's became reasonable.:)
When we checked in at Mulia, there were a lot of guests coming from Sritex. An engagement ceremony would be held at the ballroom I guess. I didnt know whether the man/the woman who was the daughter/the son of the owner of Sritex Solo. All I know was flower's bouquets everywhere (hundreds!).

Few minutes before the end of the mass, I saw Tunti (my ex colleague from Femina-Akses MEdia Favorit-), and waved each other. Unfortunately, due to the tight schedule of the mass, so some of the officers make a wayout rules, so I wasnt able to meet her and talk. I miss her! :(

Then, Sjamsudin's family (its the family name of my hubby's family, but my hubby didnt use it..), went to I-tasuki, Senayan City. Its a shabu-shabu restaurants. Nice! I love the dimsum (kai cak, and siomai). Rara ate a lot there..(love u Rara, why dont you do it everyday? :)).

We checked in room 2113 on 11.30 pm, and sleeeeppppp with our fat bellies. hehehe

This morning, I woke up at 7 am. I was planning to swim with Rara but her Grand Pa and Ma wanted her to come with them, so me and hubby prepared for taking some walking on the treadmill. So me, hubby, and his sista (Natalie) were taking some cardio exercise, then having some sauna in the spa's room. Hmmmm i love it!

14.00 pm, we're checked out. We're had lunch at Pho 24, in front of RSPI Jakarta Selatan, and near Nenen Babyshop. Yummmyyyyy! :)

The most regretful feeling I had this Christmas was.....I wasnt able to take at least one picture of Rara's enjoy this Christmas with us...uuh what a stupid me T.T. But its the sign that our family really enjoy our togetherness, our family time :)

Now, I'm longing for New Year at Jogja next week!

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