Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

September-October 2010 : Counting Blessings

these months were soooo hilariously fantastic! I've got several items (and i was dreamed about them for long) from winning some potluck.

1st...when having funbike with my office, i've got first prize : the limited edition Polygon Batik Premier MTB...:D

my number is 54, along with the 54th bday of my company..huhuuuyyyy..:)Thank you AAB!

2nd...I won recipe book when attending kopdar The Urban Mama @The Urban Kitchen Plaza Senayan..that book titled Puree, is from Ayahbunda. Thanks TUM and Mba Ega!

3rd...Rara won pajamas and spa product from Clodi Jungle. I was happy to buy from this online store, the owner was my friend at TUM, too. Recommended Seller..:) I bought Doidy Cup and Fisher Price Baby First Block from it.

and others...seemed a lot, huh? haha..but its all suddenly coming on these months, sept and oct :) Thanks to God to all of those..

and for reminding me not to over excited and be more careful is one story in Bali last week. When having lunch at Westin Nusa Dua, along with other colleagues [EAIC attendants], I lost my Ipod Shuffle. that Ipod was very brand new, I was very lucky cuz my namecard i put in the potluckbowl on booth Fisrtapex IT Consultant won the third prize. But clumsy me, and it was a very conceited of me that a five-stars hotel's employees must be all honest, so I just put it on a table while i was going around the buffet for lunch. And it was goneeee 2minutes later. So I reported my loss to the PIC and he said that noone known it. I rushly went into the kitchen and after digging few inutes, I fund the wrapping is in the dustbin along with the junks. And the kitchen crew only looking at me, and noone apologize...hmmm..

and there were several stories in Bali I will write soon..

But..I still happy, because I know everything in this world, my possessions were all God's properties..;D

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