Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

2 RaR 2 Rara

Last Saturday was like sandwich for me. That morning was fun! I made a bento for my beloved Rara. The theme was Netherland bunnies in the woods playing guitar.. Hehe..Netherland because I use cheese sausages I bought form Mba Ingke to be tulip flowers. Last week, I actually intended to buy nori puncher from Bunda Key..but wow! It was too expensive for a bento rookie like me..cost 185rb, I could have bought things else for my daughters. But I still dream about it..and willing to buy another stuff like the cutter which shaped like music note, etc. Some efforts were always fruitful. I found a store, nearby…around Pamulang. I was happy to finally get several shapes I need to cut things for bento. 12.000 for 7 cutters. Worth it!:)

Then..after bento-ing for almost an hour, I prepared to go to PIM, gonna catch my old skool lovers.,They’re fruitiez! Karina, Manik, Feni, and Sisca were @ Pizza Hut. Rara was excited too. She was in love at first sight with Feni a.k.a Phenox. It might be Tante Feni is a kids-friendly teacher? It could be! . Tante Feni was very kind…Tante Manik too…. I really impressed with their achievements, or career paths..My friends, I was happy for you and, of course you all deserved it! Manik is struggling to finish her S-3 and hoping to pass her CPNS test (pssst..she’s only 27 y.o, can’t u imagine that?? She’s he youngest assisstant in ITB..). Karina is now a busy lecturer at UI, in Economic Faculty..:). You rock Kar! . Feni is enjoying her life to be a teacher in a bilingual-international school (Ichtus, Cilandak). Sisca is the key person in business development, in SERA (TRAC). I’m proud of you all girls! . Oh ya, they were all cumlaude when in college (which I was not! Hahahaha…I was’nt as clever as they were. hiksss).

Still, I am proud of myself lah yaaaaaa….:D (menghibur diri mode on).
While in PIM, Rara had an accident of my stupidity. Ugghhh..She was got bump at her forehead because of someone suddennly entered the nursery room. I was not careful though, letting Rara walking around unattended. Huhu Rara, sorryyy…After leaving PIM, I catch my rehearsal for EAIC at Senayan, Sanggar Ananda. Wuiiii there were traffic jams..PIM..Jalan panjang…around Senayan. I was late a lot. Huiks..Feeling guilty..We were using uniforms when rehearse, and we’re also trying some stuffs to be worn when in Bali.

We’re finish at 8, then the disaster happened. Rara dropped from the car! She has a booboo on her left cheek. It was my fault for not paying full attention to her and missed that the driver’s door was opened still. So she slipped cuz she didn’t know…huaaaaaaa…..I really sorry Raraaaaa…….

Yesterday was sandwich look alike, when after arriving home, I found a package from Rumparooz Asia. It must be from Chintya! ;) Thanks Rump.a.rooz, it were cute prints! Thanks for the gifts, it would be very useful. 2 RaR 2 Rara..
Once again..Thanks God for whatever kind of day You have given to us…Its all wonderful…

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  1. heyy kamu menang yah yg lomba foto ituuu

  2. v esti windiastri19 Oktober 2010 16.53

    hey, Sukimo
    just dropped by,
    wah, aku jg mau tuh slicer kaya gitu
    aku baru dapet alat pembentuk telur mata sapi,
    di g*ant, tp produk jepun (aku ambil yg bentuk bunga)jd agak mahal.
    Kamu beli slicer di mana?
    eh, Rara udah sekolah? toddler playgroup?