Kamis, 09 September 2010

Rump.a.rooz, The Champ and the most Generous

What would I say about Rump.a.rooz?

Firstly, I would say it the champ of all of my cloth diaper, from the price and quality. As we know commonly, price is likely in line with quality. The material of Rump.a.rooz is made from the best. I really love the suede cloth as its inner, sooo easy to be cleaned from newborn “poo” (it has something called "poop scoop"). And so the double internal inner gusset, it obviously catch toddler’s.

Secondly, Rump.a.rooz is the most generous cloth diaper. It fits well to your newborn, and as I know its size would “grow” as your baby “grow”. So it would worth it with the price. It would be generous to our pocket. Rump.a.rooz is generous to our mother earth too, since it have been made with biodegradable polyester and TPU (you can read further in page Rump.a.rooz Asia on Facebook). It is really eco-friendly, moms.

The mistake I’ve made was I were so late knowing about Rump.a.rooz. When my baby was 7 months old, I bought one with amethyst color. first, I was complaining because the size didn’t fit my daughter, it was too tight. After reading some reviews and asking the expert ( read : the seller ;p), I convinced to keep wearing it to my baby. And yes, it grew by time!

I recommend Rump.a.rooz to you, moms, who have the budget. Moreover, it has many cute printed ones. Look at the new arrival, so cuteeee! And Rump.a.rooz have them in applix closure-version. It would be easier for moms who have active babies and toddlers.

Attached picture was Rara creatively wearing her Rump.a.rooz as a vest. It was raining and so cold, so this vest could warm her..:D. And also as a little sling bag to put Rara’s thing (it is just an additional function regarding to the contest, hehe).

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