Jumat, 17 September 2010

Rara in Kidsplanet Shirt :)

This is Rara when wearing shirt from Kidsplanet (Thailand brand). Actually this shirt was given by little-bums.blogspot.com, as a reward for my tips (published on FB, the theme was Kembali Langsing Setelah Melahirkan).

This picture was taken at Pejaten Village 11 September 2010, in a asian cafe (I forget the name). Rara, my hubby, me, and my sister Rini were enjoying kaya toast, pratha, and teh tarik, while my nephews and my niece watching Sammy the Turtles in 3D.

What amazed me to that day? the traffic was sooo loooose. hehe. Pamulang-Pejaten was only 30 minutes on the road. :D

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