Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

F**ria Handa**ni from Pandeglang

She's so beautiful, with her big eyes, bright looking skin, red lips...
Long-curly hair, she has...
Slim arms, skinny legs, and flat abs..trully proportional..

She works not to good, bad neither. Altough I always complaint about her dirty room, she always say "i'll do it, make up my room".
How positive :')
Everything I have told her, she would answered it with positive words.

She's been with us for almost two years. First one year with the other maid, and the other was she alone.
I love her because shes good with my children.

And at the end of 2013, the hard facts I have to face.
She was stole my cousin's clothes and watches, when I brought her to Jogja last 31 December 2013.
1st knowing that was my cousin's maid. then the maid called my mom, my sisters, to be witnessess of her bag which full of my cousin's clothes.

Oh my...
Then I realized, that since she's in my house alone, there are a lot of things that missing. My clothes, my makeup, my pouches, even watches, macbook air, ipad, and ipod.
I believe she has stole it all. (and sorry God for my suspicious minds).
Then after I helped her packed all her things in her room, I found many things belong to me. Fortunately, I brought her relative (who is kind, I known her for quite long time) and showed it, with a very polite words.. When I took my shirt from her bag, She has many reasons like : "itu punya Ibu? masa sih? tadi cuma masuk2in aja".
Or when I took my bath and bodyworks from her bag, I said "ini aku ambil ya Vit", she said "oooh..iya".
Hope her relative realized it.
and few moths before, I have found Kama Sutra Article (which full of pictures of several s*x position inside her wardrobe, I thought Its just an coincidence. And know I thought may be she's doing it with his boyfriend (crossing fingers, knock on wood).

I'm still wondering why she's doin it all : stealing, lying, acting like a professional. She hasnt admitted it!! She looked like a great actress pretending that she was not responsible for all of that. What a great pretender...
I hope she will choose better path for her future, after my husband and I decided to let her go.

Be safe Vivit, thank you for helping us for these two years.
Hope you'll find the right path ya Vit..
Walaupun hati mangkel juga ni Vit, karena masih ga percaya..semoga kamu ga mengulanginya, kami hanya bisa berdoa.


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