Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

(Many Treasures )When In Clinique Beauty Workshop

Last week, hubby had a tour to Thailand and Cambodia with his officemates. So I decided to have some "me-time" for my self. Yippiiie! Hubby said yes when I was telling him about me attending beauty workshop held by Mommies Daily and Clinique. The workshop was on Januari 15th 2011, the exact day of my mom's bday.The beauty workshop held at Mulia Hotel, Freesia Room. Excited!

I was curious about the product of Clinique. I had ever take the beauty workshop at my office, and it worked well on my face ( a lot of my colleagues said that, and commented that my face was brighter than usual). Unfortunately, I was not a good decision maker for fashion and make-up things. I bought nothing at that time.

This year, Clinique held a Treasure Hunt Contest, and it seems wonderful. So I tried to join, and turned out I should come to Clinique counter (which we were eligible to choose one) and would have some skin consultation there. I did too, with my private consultant named Rina. She was very helpful, I really appreciated on how she explained many things and answering my thousand questions without asking me for buying their products. Salute! She helped my hubby too, since he had some skin's problem. I finally bought Clining Liquid Cleansing Soap, it left my skin's face moist and not too much suds. Love it!

(picture taken from Junita-kinderplay.blogspot.com)
Then, the story havent begin yet. On 15 January, I experience a lot from attending my 2nd beauty workshop. First, I met new friends, such as : Lita, Affi, Hanzky, Vanya (from Mommies Daily, they're so warm :), nice to meet you all). Bheboth, and Citra the model of makeover with clinique (hello darling :)), Yenchi ( I was suprised, cuz I ever saw her in a magazine, she won a competition. At that time, I saw her in person, amazed! :)), Finnora (i love to chat with you, seems there wouldnt be the end :)), Junita (Junita is the owner of kinderplays, I amazed that the beauty workshop was her first social event for the last 4 years, nice to talk with you kaka Junitaa :)). And there were ore excitements, one of them was Snowice Serouni ;p

Couldn't wait to see you again gals!

PS : I am a responsible person to tell you all that Metromini 74 is not an option for you who want to reach Ciputat from Blok M, take the 75!*notesfromavictim*

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