Senin, 10 Juni 2013

#Rar4Bday : Preparation (Part 2)


H-2 to Rara's bday at school. Waaa, I was doing project -which I thought- imPOSSIBLE! Inspired by Angive, one of TUM mamas (you can browse through this link ). Lovely and cute, cause it made by heart, thats all I can say.
I was sewing this mock birdie bag (does it look like bird? T.T), will make it 15 more to be filled with goodies, for her classmates. Purple for girls and red for boys.

Why birds? cuz Rara ask for Angry Birds party...and I had no courage to make Angry Bird bag. Therefore, I will make birds which wont be angry. hihihi...

birdie bag

Although I experienced several sewing hours, still need lotsa patience to make all neat and right.
Thanks God, I always have idea when things were not well-runned.

1. the idea of the wings were attached inside the bag, so it wont be handstitched like I did for eyes and beak. I rather clumsy while attaching the pins so it werent attached with the machine stitch. So there will be some bag which has only one wing fly, and the other will be hand stitched :) Cute still, though... (IMO ;p)

2. the idea of the inside bag was...I was going to let it all serged. The fact is, I still learning to work with my Singer Serger, so it werent looked nice. So I have idea to cover it with bias tape.

Gonna let you see the inside on the next posting :)

This day will going to focus on those bags.

Wish me luck!


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