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Ghibli Studio's Movies for My Kids : Ponyo

This time, I will review some of Ghibli's movies, which played over and over again by my little monsters :)
The first Ghibli movie my 4 years'old Rara watching is Ponyo. She watched it when she was 2, and obsessed afterwards.

You can read the review in here : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0876563/?licb=0.672511552926153
I think the movie was wonderful, full of imagination, and very entertaining, especially for kids since it was colorful. All of the characters were..ahmazing!

The main character in that movie is Ponyo, a goldfish who has super power cause her mother is Gran Mamare, the God of the Ocean (I havent search the real story, because Ghibli's movie mostly taken from the real scene or history). She wants become human, cause she has feelings for Sosuke, a boy who has a Sailor father and a nurse-mother named Lisa.

taken from http://www.reverseshot.com

A lot of scenes, which my Rara always love. One of them is the Dinner Scene, when Ponyo firstly transformed into little girl. Lisa saved her from the storm (which actually caused by Ponyo herself, the disaster she made when she runaway from her father), and took her home.
taken from http://www.dvdactive.com/reviews/dvd/ponyo2.html

Lisa made instant ramen, with egg and HAM (ponyo loves HAM! :)). and it looked so delicious. therefore Rara always ask me to make her noodles when she watch that. Arrrrggghhhh. :)

taken from http://catierobbinswriting.wordpress.com
I need to comment about the music. The opening song were so glorious, and classy. You can quickly guess that this movie is not like other cartoon. And the closing were fun, and Rara love to sing it with me :)

Recommended!! I even gave 9 stars in IMDB.
From zerochan.net
from right to left : Ponyo's father, Lisa, Sosuke, Ponyo (in  half goldfish half girl), Ponyo in full human body, Sosuke's friend, and...I forgot her name.hihi

taken from http://www.zerochan.net

Next, I will review another Ghibli's Movie.


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